April 07, 2014

Funny And Annoying Spam Comments

Since December, I've been receiving a lot of views and comments on my blog. And whenever I check them, they were just all spam. I tried reading most of them.  And a lot of it were nonsense comments just to insert a link.

comments spam
585 Spam Comments and still counting!
Here are a few examples of the annoying and sometimes funny spam comments I have received so far at no particular order. 

April 03, 2014

Calendar Check: It's Already 2014!

Welcome back to me.  Yep! I intentionally stopped blogging for a while to cater to my family's needs. We're in the graduating class so we have so many activities after the holidays.  With all the activities I almost forgot that I still have a blog.  

To sum it all up, we attended several school programs and activities with no fuss and tantrums, had a tiring but great fieldtrip to Museong Pambata and Star City, went through the final exams with great results and prepared for the big school entrance exams. Too much work for a five year old, I'd say.  But my son did well.  So proud of him for keeping up!

christmas program
Christmas Program

December 10, 2013

Christmas Is Everywhere

Finally, somebody is buying my son's Thomas and Friends tracks and trains.  We're scheduled to meet last Saturday at Robinsons Metro East so we used the time check out what's in the mall.

Christmas is indeed here. Look what the mall put up at the entrance. 

Santa is missing.

November 26, 2013

How To Get The Most Of Your Lipstick Tube

I only had one lipstick and it's just an Ever Bilena. I rarely use it since I only dab a couple on my lips, spread it out and cover up with a tinted lipgloss. I just use the lipstick to add a little color. 

Once I forgot the lipstick on the dashboard of the car when we went to the mall. It was really hot so it melted. I tried to salvage it by reconstructing the shape but it wouldn't hold out. I then use a lipstick brush just to apply it. Still, too messy with the lipstick getting in and around the tube. 

I decided to do something about it.  Here's a short tutorial on how I made this cute lipstick palette.

lipstick palette

November 25, 2013

A Busy Week And Getting Help

This week was a blast!

After a few days of fixing my computer, some new problems are coming. It keeps on freezing even if there's nothing running. Grrr... So I had to postpone a few posts as not to stress out my computer more. I can't afford to lose my pc so soon.

Instead of focusing on the technicalities, I busied myself searching and preparing documents as we look for a new school. Some schools are too complicated. Just my opinion. For a simple entance exam, they would require so many documents. We aren't even sure if the little man will pass the admissions. Not that I am not confident about my son's abilities but what if I decided not to push through with that particular school?  They wouldn't give back the requirements I submitted.

schools in antipolo

November 18, 2013

Monday Is A Good Day!

I encountered a major problem with my desktop.  Just imagine getting the blue screen of death as you boot up your pc pumped up to do posts and engange in social media.  Yup! Just had that BSOD flash on my screen. 

See the dvdrom drive? It's busted! Say hello to my assistant!