#DIY: Parking Play set For Boys

tomica hypercity playset
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My son has been eyeing a Tomica Parking Play set at the mall last time.  It costs around $20. And since we’re teaching him about saving and spending on things that he really need, I came up with an idea of creating our own parking play set using recycled materials.

We still have the box of his Thomas and Friends Train set that he got for his birthday, all intact and in perfect condition.

What you need:

  • Boxes (include the inserts)
 Thomas and Friends Box box inserts
  • Glue
  • A pair of scissors
  • Box cutter
  • Colored markers
  • Metal ruler
craft tools
  • Toy cars
blue car red car black car
  • A lot of imagination!


  • Check out pictures on the web of the play sets available for sale.  This will give you an idea what you want your play set to look when finished.
  • Draw a sketch or draft of the layout and parts (buildings) you think you can make using cardboards and glue.
  • Cut out pieces that will make up your buildings, road humps, road guides, etc.
  • Glue the parts together and let it dry.
  • Outline your main platform to mark where you are placing your buildings and roadways.
  • Glue in the buildings and road marks.
  • Draw in road signs, and building names using the markers. Use easy to read words especially for preschoolers who are starting to read.
  • You can add accessories and other stuff you think will make your play set appealing to your kid.
  • Put in the cars and test the roadways and buildings.
  • Enjoy!
Here’s my version of the parking play set I made at no cost.
 parking playset
open parking fix it station gas station covered parking
Not so much the same as the Tomica Hyper City but he love it the same!
What have you created today at no cost? Share your comments below!
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