Common Tasks Virtual Assistants Do

As the word itself, Virtual Assistants, work online.  They can provide services that can be completed over the internet.
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Here are some tasks you can delegate to your Virtual Assistant.
  • ·   Social Media Management – Let them manage your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  They can keep your presence online.
  • ·  Research – May it be industry research, looking for the best deals, best products, and services.
  • ·   Audit Taxes – There are qualified CPA’s working as Virtual Assistants. 
  • ·   Search Engine Optimization – These are for great for websites and blogs.
  • · Appointment Setting – Calling your prospective clients to setup meetings and appointments.
  • ·   Event Planning – Have a dinner party coming up? They can set it all up for you.
  • · Email Handling – Too much incoming emails? They can organize your inbox, filters messages, send email response.
  • ·  Customer Service – For small businesses they can do customer service tasks.
  • ·  Internet Marketing -  They can handle Google Adsense, and Adwords for you.
  • ·  Answer/Forward Calls
  • ·  Forum posting – Backlinking in forums can be time-consuming for you.
  • ·  Comments Management – Get that spam out of the way to your blogging.
  • ·  Article Writer – Got the writer’s block? Hire a virtual assistant.
  • ·  Data Entry – Almost anything for data entry, they can do.  Need to convert a hundred page pdf file to a Word document? They can.
  • ·   Transcription – Transcribe from audio or video to text. Throw in Translation, too.
  • ·   Lead Generation – New business?  Let them find clients for you.
  • ·   Teacher/Tutor – Want to learn something new? Learn from them.
  • ·   Web Design/Web Development – Need someone to create your website?

There are more that you can delegate to a Virtual Assistant.  Most can do most, and some who are specialized.  Make sure you know what you want them to do and what you expect.
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