Christmas Is Everywhere

Finally, somebody is buying my son's Thomas and Friends tracks and trains.  We're scheduled to meet last Saturday at Robinsons Metro East so we used the time check out what's in the mall.

Christmas is indeed here. Look what the mall put up at the entrance. 

Santa is missing.
It was so cute and the reindeers' heads move up and down slowly. 

white reindeer

So what else do you think a mom would do? Picture-picture! Good thing my son also liked the display and agreed to have his picture taken with the reindeers at the back. 

kid with reindeer 2
No crossing the red line. >.<
Christmas season is really for kids. Imagine, Robinsons had toy sales in almost every corner.  We had to buy one for his exchange gift. And you know what happened next, he also got a new toy. Good thing the SALE tag was really a bargain.

Anyway, we spent the day walking around the mall while we wait for the buyer. He arrived with his two young boys and wife. I felt so happy for our Thomas Train as they will go to another family who will enjoy it the way we did. 

With the waiting and walking around made the little man hungry so we bought pretzels. Looked like he's really hungry. 

hungry boy
Hungry boy,  shoving his face in the wrapper. 
Don't worry, we ate dinner before we went home and oh boy! He consumed a full man's meal. 

The day went so well. The transaction went smoothly, we got to buy a few gifts for ourselves and the little man sure did enjoy it all. Who wouldnt? He got a new Bumble Bee toy. We had to go home early because he's so excited to play with it. 

It is a great day! How about you? How's your day? 

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  1. "Blogging is cheaper than a therapist"...
    I like your quote.. :)


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